Club Membership

Club Membership is the recognition bestowed upon the agents to increase their status in the society and in the Corporation

  • Distinguished Club Member

  • Branch Manager’s Club Member

  • Divisional Manager’s Club Member

  • Zonal Manager’s Club Member

  • Chairman’s Club Member

  • Corporate Club Member

  • Galaxy Club Member

Following additional benefits are given over and above the commissions’ payable

  • Office Allowance to maintain your own office

  • Telephone/Mobile bill reimbursement

  • Reimbursement of Sales Promotional Gift items

  • Interest free advance for purchase of Car/Motorbike

  • Interest free advance for purchase of office equipments

  • Interest free advance for Training

  • Interest free Festival Advance

  • Housing loan at concessional rate of interest

  • Term Insurance and Mediclaim benefits

  • Guest house facility throughout India at concessional rates as applicable to employees

  • Annual Convention

  • Attestation authority

The total monetary equivalent of all above benefits ranges from ₹5,500 to Rs.5,50,000, depending up on level of Club Membership.


Agents are entitled to get the gratuity at age 60/65 years after serving for minimum 15 years. At present the Maximum Gratuity amount payable is Rs.2,00,000/- depending up on the amount of renewal commission paid during last 15 years before age 60

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